2003 Wrangler TJ - For Sale

    • 2003 Wrangler TJ - For Sale

      Decided to sell my 2003 TJ. Picked it up in 2017 and did a complete overhaul/rebuild. New Axles, (30/44 3.73 gears Limited slip read), all new control arms, suspension (4.25 body/suspension combo), armored the axles/body (Poison Spyder), motor and trans (M.O.R.E. Skid), new wheels (16inch Rubicon Wheels)/tires (285/75R16 BF A/T K02). 8K winch with new synthetic line and Factor 55 ProLink Bridle. The Jeep has 174K miles on the motor but I have replaced almost everything I could without rebuilding the motor itself. Cold air intake, new battery, seat covers, raptor lined tube, new soft top, new radio and speakers (JVC) and new CB (Uniden). Frame is in great shape (no repairs made or needed) and was treated. A couple rust spots were fixed on the body when I stripped down. I have pictures and documentation for every upgrade along the way.

      Don't want to let it go but I don't get to enjoy it for what it was built for. Looking to find someone to get more use out of it.

      I am asking 7500 OBO. In the Middletown area and can meet anywhere to take a look at it and test it out.
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