MOPAR TJ Rock Crawler Bumpers

  • I have a set of F/R MOPAR rock crawler bumpers, originally designed by Dave of AEV and sold to MOPAR for their aftermarket parts division. Super rare to find especially a rear one. They are a little crusty but nothing that cant be sand blasted or wire wheeled and painted. Ive done it before using the AEV textured paint and came out great.

    Pictures upon request 320-750-8531

    $800 for set. I will included matching steering box skid from MOPAR NOS IN BOX for FREE. Not red as shown, its black.

    In great condition i sold a set last year for $1200 without question.

  • If by chance, these are still available, I would love the opportunity to purchase them.

    Also fun fact; those are my photos from probably five years back when I sold my Mopar bumpers off the LJ.

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