WTB - Looking for a Project TJ

  • I was a member years ago but sold my jeep (Had a 99 TJ). It's now time for another jeep. I'm looking for something kind of specific so I understand it might be like hunting a unicorn.

    I'm looking for a stock TJ or something that can be return easily to stock height. The only other hope to find is running, but I'd look at not running. I'm looking to make a more daily driver friendly, camping and beach jeep than a offroad build. I plan on a fair amount of customization so condition isn't important. I'm hoping to find the rusted and busted TJ and put the work into it than get something clean. Budget is flexible but I'm looking to save money upfront to have more for the parts I want later.

    If anyone has something, or knows of anyone looking to unload a TJ let me know. I'm in no rush and figure this is going to be a process. Willing to go anywhere in the DE/NJ/SE PA area and willing to tow it.

    Thanks for any help and hope to see everyone soon!

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