**DEJA Post Turkey Day Trail Ride @ Rausch - Nov 25 '17 **

  • I led the Blue/Black group. We had five Jeeps, including Daddanelena and Stafford in their TJs, Haugwild in his JKU, TheDarkSide in his CJ-7 with his buddy Dmaff06, and me and Rugby in my CJ. The weather was good, with temps in the 50s and no rain. We spent the whole day on the East and South properties, starting out down K, we took the green part of C because the blue part was backed up, crossed Pole Line and did 5, then ran out to the South property and did 22 (Blue-Black) and 21 (Blue), then went out to the far southern point and did Camel Back (Black) and all of Snakebite (Blue-Black and Black portions), went down to the bottom of the Quarry and back up the hard way, over to Lake Christy where we heckled some Toyotas, did some of the hill climbs up and down to the lake, ran Roxy's Way, then did Tombstone (Black) on the way back up, cut over and played around in 8 (Black), then did the lower part of 4 and Yellow Jacket Ridge, where DarkSide got wedged in the deep notch in the last part coming off the ridge. Stafford tried to tell him what to do if he started to roll, but the advice was fortunately not needed and he got out safely. At that point it was 4:00 and Stafford had to go, so we headed back to the parking lot. See above for a great photo by Dmaff06 of DarkSide on the comp course at the end of what was a good day with some challenging trails, no noticeable trail damage, and a good time had by all. Thanks to Haugwild for great spotting on 5 -- that trail never gets old. I'll post up and see if we can get a few Jeeps together for an unofficial December ride.

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