Coastal Cleanup - 9/14/19 @ Herring Point

    • Coastal Cleanup - 9/14/19 @ Herring Point

      Is scheduled for September 14th. I don't know if there's any point in asking for an area near our adopted beach. If anybody's interested in doing it as the club or if some individuals want to sign up and request the same area and just hang out afterward post up and we'll try to organize a group.
      Drive until the map turns blue...

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    • Heard back from DNREC, we are confirmed for Herring Point. @MrJoop can you be the Captain?

      THANK YOU for caring for our coastline!
      and registering to volunteer at the 2019 Coastal Clean-up!

      Date & Time: Saturday, September 14 at 9:00am-12:00pm

      Your Site: Cape Henlopen State Park- Herring Point

      Every effort was made to place you in your preferred site. If you are not in your preference, it was most likely due to that site being full or a pressing need in this assignment. THANK YOU for your help and willingness to help where needed!

      Site Captain:
      This Site is still looking for a Site Captain! Interested in taking on the responsibility?
      Site Captains are in charge of helping Volunteers sign-in, handing out supplies, collecting supplies and data cards and the end, and weighing trash. If you are interested in Captaining this site, please let your Zone Captain know!

      Directions & Duties:
      Upon arriving at the site, Coastal Cleanup volunteers report to the site captain for instructions and supplies including gloves, trash bags and data cards.
      Two different colors of trash bags will be provided to separate recyclable and non-recyclable trash.
      Volunteers will head out in groups of 4 to 6 to pick up trash in their designated area and place it in the appropriate bags.
      Notify the site captain of any stranded, injured or entangled wildlife.
      When finished, volunteers will bring their trash to the Site Captain to be weighed before placing it in the designated location and turn in their data cards and supplies to the Site Captain.
      One group member fills out the data card, including name/group name and number of volunteers in group, and then records the numbers of each type of trash collected as well as any unusual items found.
      For those interested, we have also recently created a Coastal Clean-up app which would allow volunteers to use their phone instead of a Datacard to enter the trash they have collected.
      This is different than the Ocean Conservancy App *please do not use the OC App, as we will not have access to that data.
      Volunteers should contact their Zone Captain if they are interested in using the app and they will send along walkthrough.

      Volunteers will be provided with gloves to wear, handle sharp or heavy objects with care and monitor childrens finds. If anyone finds syringes, medical waste or other suspected hazardous substances, DO NOT HANDLE. Mark the spot and notify your site captain immediately.

      Visit the link below for additional directions

      Cancelation information:
      Coastal Cleanup is a Rain or Shine Event and will go on unless lightning or severe storm conditions exist.

      Concerning Youth Volunteers:
      Parental Consent:
      All youth under the age of 18 must have parental consent to participate in the event.
      Leaders of groups have the responsibility to obtain parental consent forms for youth under the age of 18.
      Parental Consent forms are available on the above website. Groups may use their own forms as well.

      Youth Supervision:
      Youth volunteers 15 years of age and under must also be accompanied by a responsible adult.
      Groups are responsible to ensure proper supervision of the youth members of your group.

      …for your participation in this important International event.
      Check out our Facebook group:
    • Here is some important information about the Delaware Coastal Cleanup
      this Saturday, Sept. 14, including how you can use our trash reporting
      app on your smartphone!

      10 Important Tips for 2019 Delaware Coastal Cleanup Volunteers:

      1. The Delaware Coastal Cleanup now has a smartphone app for trash
      reporting use at all sites, available through Survey 123 on the Apple
      store or Google Play; detailed instructions are attached. Downloading
      the app prior to cleanup day is recommended. Paper data cards will also
      be available to volunteers who do not use the app.

      2. Trash bags, gloves, data cards and pens or site-specific app code
      will be provided at your cleanup site. Volunteers are encouraged to
      bring their own gloves if they choose to reduce glove trash.

      3. Dress for the weather, including good walking shoes that can get wet; bringing water and snacks is suggested.

      4. Avoid walking through private property, and dune habitat areas and stepping on beach grass.

      5. Notify your site captain immediately of any stranded, entangled, or injured wildlife.

      6. Recyclable items are glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic
      bottles; these items must be intact, clean, and debris-free. If damaged
      or holding sand or debris, please put them in the trash.

      7. Be careful handling broken glass or sharp objects; supervise youth volunteers.

      8. Notify your site captain if you find syringes, medical waste,
      suspected old military ordnance, chemicals or other potentially
      hazardous items.

      9. DO NOT place loose syringes in trash bags; your site captain has a
      red container for syringes and a set of tongs to pick up such items.

      10. When you finish your cleanup, turn in your data cards (or send your
      data via the trash app) and leftover supplies; use the new hand-held
      scale to weigh your bags, and record the weights for your group; place
      your trash and recycle bags at your site’s designated location; and sign
      out with your volunteer hours.

      Thanks for volunteering!

      *WEATHER NOTE: The Delaware Coastal Cleanup is held rain or shine.
      However, in the event of severe weather, such as heavy rain and/or
      extreme high winds and tides, watch your email for notification of
      postponement; the “rain date” is Saturday, Sept. 28.
      So far, the weather is looking good for Sept. 14!
      Check out our Facebook group: