Where to find a shop that can overhaul a 2003 TJ in Southern Delaware or Worchester Cty MD?

  • I purchased a 2003 TJ Sport 18 months ago from a dealer. It seems in good shape, but I have been using a local shop, to do things I can't, who doesn't specialize in jeeps. I'm looking for the recommendation of a shop that can give the Jeep a good onceover and let me know if anything significant (or minor) needs to be done. I live in West Fenwick Island, so a shop in lower Delaware or Worchester County, MD would be ideal.


    Dave Crowley

  • i can do whatever you want, ive got about 3 TJs here now getting overhauled, current one has been a frame off restoration

  • Nothing super special about Jeeps that any good mechanic could give it the once over for you. Do a compression check to see if there might be any underlying issues with the motor, change fluids and filters, ....

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