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  • The transmission issue could be something as easy as changing the fluid and filter or more serious. I'd probably start there. Does it have a body lift? If so perhaps a linkage isn't lining up right. The wobbling is probably something in the front end. Maybe bad ball joints or tie rod ends. Those aren't too bad to replace. Did you talk to Aaron or anyone about working on it?

    Where are you located?

    • I private messaged aaron, he offered to help just trying to figure out how to get it there. I live off paper mill road by whitemans garage (if your familiar with that area).
      if you know anyone close by that would be great..just for safety issues.
      thanks again for your time, much appreciated

    • I'm not far from you. I'm over by the New Castle County Airport. I will see if I can make it over this week after work some evening. My cell is 559-5598. Send me yours and we can try to set something up.

      One thing to check: sit in front of the Jeep and watch the steering box as someone else turns the steering wheel back and forth. Stock CJ steering brackets are crap and known from breaking. If your is broken the steering box will move all over the place (away from the frame) as you turn the steering wheel.

    • I will definitely check that out once the rain stops ill pull it out and look - my name is keith (302) 509-1679
      thanks again for being generous with your time.

    • Ok i think they (previous owner) put a power steering system in, and the box is steady, didnt move a millimeter when the wheel was turned....

  • Aaron Stapen (Astape in the forums ) works on a lot of the clubs Jeeps. He set up my axles. Does very good work and has done everything from motor and trans installs, rust fixing, roll cages, and total custom jobs.

    What exactly is wrong with your Jeep?

    • It is not stable the best way i can put it... attempting to turn the wheels at any point or speeds ..the jeep becomes precariously unstable and "wobbles" . Also I have yet to experience the jeep shift out of the first gear. It is an automatic, and I have only had the car up to 35mph, but it wont "shift". Theres been a lot of custom modifications, and being a novice, I just cant figure it out on my own. I posted some pictures on the forums, and a coujple of the guys said it looks like the angles of my axles and u joints are off...astape was one of them.. i think ill ask him to take a look at it, so that was a big help. ill let you know what he finds out.

  • Good evening. Your CJ7 looks like a beast.. Wonder if you could direct me to a mechanic who could look at my CJ7 and get it street safe. Even if its a new engine, steering column, I dont care I love this jeep and dont want it stuck in my garage!
    thanks for any help.