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  • Hello, I need some shock and stabilizer work done on 2014 jku. Any recommendations? Rear foxx shock blown and needs immediate attention. Thoughts? Newark.

    • Here's some local guys that can help ya out. The only one that I know won't be able to is Joe @ Midknight Fab since he has a project he's working on at the moment. If you just need to replace some worn or busted parts, they're pretty simple to do with basic handtools and some help from some fellow Jeep owners if you're not entirely knowledgeable. Curious though on why you need the stabilizer replaced... do you have some front end wobble going on?

      Aaron S. - @astape here on the board
      -North Wilmington

      Luke S. @ Lightning Fabrication - @shadyluke here on the board - shop also has a Facebook page
      -Out in the stix of Lincoln University PA

      Joe D. @ Midknight Fabrication - @Dugan here on the board - shop also has a Facebook page
      -New Castle

      Joe Marciano - LockedN'Loaded 4 x4 Fabrication - via Facebook and @ LockedNLoaded4x4.com
      -Collegeville PA

    • Thanks! I’m new to the Jeep world. Yes there is front end wobble. Dealership quoted very high prices on rear shocks and other front end issues. Trying to get this done soon as the ride has become pretty rough. As this would be my first major repair I’d rather learn from someone rather than try to tackle it myself.

    • It sounds like you have the beginnings of death wobble or it's already a full blown case of it. The rear shocks are pretty simple but it might be the Fox brand that is driving up the cost for the replacement. A steering stabilizer is a bandaid for death wobble and won't fix the underlying cause. Start a post in the Jeep Talk section of the forum describing the issues your having and what the repair shop has told you. There are a lot of people who are a lot more knowledgeable than I since I have not had to deal with death wobble personally in my Jeep. Also, start an introduction post in the New Users Introduction area on the forum. Welcome to the Jeep life.. it's a great ride!

  • Hey Jeremy, I have to go out of town for an oil tank repair that came up. I will probably be late tomorrow getting home. If you want to come by Friday afternoon instead that would be great!

  • Hey, if you pick up that Toro lawn mower, I have a parts one you can have.