2004 Grand Cherokee

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    • 2004 Grand Cherokee

      There's a high likelihood we're moving on a new vehicle this week and were planning on trading our WJ as part of the deal. I figured I'd offer it to anyone on here before committing to the trade.

      2004 Grand Cherokee Special Edition
      Silver/gray leather w/ sunroof
      182500 on chassis, approx 120k on engine (swapped last year @170k)
      water pump, battery, belts/hoses, idler pulley, and radiator replaced w/ engine
      TRE's and both unit bearings replaced ~25k ago
      3" IRO lift w/ adjustable trackbar. Added .5" urethane spacer in front to level.
      Bilstein 5100's
      1.25" wheel spacers
      JK wheels with JK OE-sized Goodyear Duratracs (approx 60% tread)
      Alpine bluetooth/usb/etc headunit w/ sat radio & handsfree
      Viper alarm w/ remote start
      OE-spec headlights ~18mos ago to replace the cloudy stockers

      The bad:
      -Typical dings, scratches of a 12-13yo vehicle.
      -Starting to show some rust in rockers.
      -Rear wheel bearings recently started to make noise, will need replacement in near future.
      -CEL for O2 sensor and evap. Evap is cracked hose to charcoal canister, easy fix but have to pull rear bumper.
      -Has wobble when slowing gently @40mph. Doesn't happen when coasting or braking hard. Cursory examination looks like it needs new bushings in IRO trackbar.

      Makes a great daily driver beater or would be a good first car. Dealer is willing to go $2700 on trade, I'd be willing to let it go for that as a private sale given the issues noted above. Looking to move it out ASAP.

      '99 TJ w/ stuff aka "a bolt-on (censored)-er"
      and a '01 Ford PSD CC LWB to pull it

      both slow _and_ stupid...

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    • dkirkley wrote:

      Damn I've really wanted one of these model WJs. I'm tempted.

      Interior pics?

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      I'll try to get a few but it'll prob be tomorrow given the whole dark-before-five crap. I'd rate the interior as 'ok'...the only real wear/issue are a couple burns in the headliner and driver's visor from the smoker chick we bought it from. No rips or tears otherwise and just what I'd consider normal wear and tear.

      '99 TJ w/ stuff aka "a bolt-on (censored)-er"
      and a '01 Ford PSD CC LWB to pull it

      both slow _and_ stupid...