Mirrors with no doors

    • Mirrors with no doors

      Hey everyone, I searched a couple phrases before posting this but didn’t find too much. I was just wondering what everyone does for mirrors with no doors. I have an 88 yj with full doors. Looking online a lot of the windshield mounted mirrors I like say for 87-95 with half door 94-95 for full doors. Not sure why they only work with full doors for only those years. A lot of the mirrors that go in your door hinge have bad reviews for moving while driving.
      Just curious what everyone’s experience is. In my teens and 20s I coulda cared less about mirrors... I guess I’m changing lol
    • I have a set of mounts that move the mirrors to the windshield hinges. I just have the drivers side moved, since you can see that one either doors off or doors on - you can't see the passenger mirror if you have the doors on and the mirror moved. So doors off, I just have two mirrors and lose the passenger one.
    • Maybe visibility is the reason they say they aren’t for certain years with certain doors. I just can’t imagine why a windshield mount mirror would be fine for a 94 with full doors, but not a 93?! Anyway I think I’ve decided to stay away from the windshield mount style for now and try the kind that fit in the hinge. I saw a woman today with them. I asked her and she said hers stay still