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  • I am looking for a re-gear to a 4.88 on my 2016 Jeep JKU Willys. I saw that you were the person to go to. My goal is to upgrade to a 4inch lift and new drive shafts. If you are willing to do any of these things please let me know.

  • I am in need of frame repair on my TJ. The frame is rusted through right near the front control arms attach to the frame. Would you be interested in doing the repair? A member of the group recommended you and I would rather have it done by someone with your experience rather than taking a chance on a body shop.My cell number is 302-593-7963

  • Good evening. It seems like you are the person to help with lift kits! I have a 2017 Willys Unlimited and want to put in a Rough Country 2.5 lift (shocks and springs, not spacers) and an adjustable trac bar. Is that something you can do for me?

  • It was suggested to shoot you a text m about doing ball joints on my Jk. Are you at a shop or just a super handy fella?

  • Hello, would you do on 98 Grand Cherokee Laredo? We're having electrical issues. (perpetually it seems)
    Also Looking for a SubWoofer on my 2 door 2014 JK Sport. Trying not to take up lots of space, but since the 2-door Seats have that tilt forward mechanism there isnt much space under seats. Any Ideas?

  • hey i am going to text you tomorrow i have a couple questions about regearing on my jeep

  • What color and what are you asking?

  • how much would it be to install gears,aussie lockers and install kits for a 05 LJ. It has a dana 30 front and 44 rear. I would include the fluids and anything else you would need.

    • The labor for gears and aussie lockers would be $350 each. U can text me at 302-218-2194 if u want to get it done.

  • Hi, I sent you an email, not sure how that works on this site though. Let me know if you received it please.

    • I got it. I can do the gears and locker install. Best is to text me 302-218-2194, Aaron

  • Hello sir. I am a new member here and was given your name in reference to some potential work on my jeep. I'm not sure if this is accurate but would love to talk with you if you would be interested. I have a '05 unlimited (LJ) , and am looking to do a lift install. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

    • Yea i do all kinds of stuff on the side. Right now im actually backed up till may because of a trip im planing. U r welcome to give me a csll 302-218-2194 to discuss what u want to do. Aaron

  • whats up Aaron, don't know if you got my text a little earlier. I went to Rausch with Stafford today and have developed an issue with the trans or the clutch while on the highway before we even got to the park. I don't know if you have any open time between now and Moab to see if we can figure out the problem. I do know that there is no way i'd take it without fixing it. I would rather you look at it as you are the only one that has ever worked on my jeep but If you don't think you'll have the time I could see if Luke can take a look. on a positive note The locker and gears are great and the front D/S vibration is gone.

  • Changing the ratio and installing a locker?

    • Still getting used to this new board. R u asking how much changing gears and adding a locker will be?

    • No, I saw the pics of the peterbuilt with the axle out. I was joking around.

    • Yea actually both on the pete axle. Got an entire axle with a 3.90 gear and an air locker. Was open with a 3.54. We changed the trans and the tires recently and the od gear was out of wack hence the gear change.

  • Hey Aaron I think the problem is mostly the transfer case and not shifting appropriately
    Got the rear axle to engage but things are still touchy driving
    Anyway let me know if you ever have time to take a look. Thank you

  • Hey Aaron, I know your busy just keep me in mind when you feel like you have time to tinker with this thing

  • Good morning. I would love to get my jeep to you. I am not 100% sure if i have to have it towed or I can drive it. I guess let me know your time frame, and ill do my best to get it to you.
    I live off paper mill road down by whitemans garage.
    Slimer says your the guy to help...and im way over my head here.
    thanks again
    keith (302) 509-1679