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      • I’m toying with the idea of selling my jeep and buying something built before I get any further into building mine. If anybody is interested give me a call 302-379-7796. It’s the perfect jeep for someone that likes to trail ride but still drives it on the street occasionally. I wouldent recomend it as a dd unless you buy street wheels/tires and replace all the control arm bushings. I also don’t need to sell it so don’t bother with lowball offers. If no one wants it itll just get built. I do love this thing and never thought I would sell it but looking at cost to buy a built rig vs finish mine and it’s tempting. Here’s some info on it good and bad;
      No top
      No doors
      Bimini top
      Bikini top
      Spider shade top
      Full front cage with side bars
      reinforced stock rear cage
      Suspension seats mounted to cage
      5 point harnesses
      Rci fuel cell in artec mount
      Quick disco steering wheel
      Flipped Dana 300 twin stick with 4:1
      New tom woods front driveshaft
      Cv rear driveshaft recently cut to fit the 300
      4:56 gears in stock axles 30/44
      Aussie lockers in both
      Ten Factory chromoly shafts in front
      Heavy duty sway bar
      Heavy duty steering with hydro assist
      B&m short shifter with thumb throttle
      12000# engo winch with cab controls
      3000# warn rear suck down winch
      Custom belly up skid
      Rusty’s hd rocker guards
      Outboarded rear shocks
      Rear spring bucket correction kit
      Heavy duty adjustable short control arms
      Tube fenders on all 4 corners
      Cj flip down tailgate
      Barnes rear low profile bumper
      Front bumper with bull gaurd & winch mount
      Led fog lights and mini light bar
      Optima battery
      Aem intake
      Mustang fuel injectors
      Onboard trickle charger
      Alpine sound bar speakers
      Sony Bluetooth head unit
      Cobra in dash cb
      All dash lights have been converted to led
      Kc h4 headlight conversion
      Jk front turn signals installed in grill
      Rear lights mounted in fenders
      Steering box skid
      Ridler diff covers
      Hd reinforced braces on all control arms
      Custom diy 15” beadlocks
      35x12.50x15 mtrs
      hood latch removed and hood pins installed
      70’s datsun 240z hood vents installed in hood
      Aluminum radiator
      Electric fan with Ron Francis thermostat kit
      I’m sure there are other things I’m missing as I’ve been tinkering wth this thing for the better part of a decade.

      This jeep does well off-road. It’s done well in several of the rc club comps although I would not call it a comp rig. That being said. It has seen a lot of off-road time and is not perfect but I also daily drove it for about 5 years up until 3 years ago. It could use most of the bushings replaced and the body has some scuffs and scratches. There is no frame/body rust or rot as the jeep has been garaged for most of its life. It has only been on the beach a hand full of times and power washed every time after. The undercarriage has been coated several times to keep it in good shape. It does have 129k on the odometer but runs like a champ. I would not recomend this to someone who wants to daily drive it but it would be perfect for someone that wants a great trail rig that can still drive down the road. For the right price there is a rear Dana 60 and a front high pinion Dana 44 with a Detroit and 4:88’s that could come with it. 12k would be the magic number but I’d entertain reasonable offers.
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    • Trust me I hear ya. It was built enough for me for a long time but Its not cuttin it anymore. Custom long arm, ori’s, one ton axles, 37’s with a 17” beadlock might not sound like a huge difference but it’s gonna cost me another 6-8k depending on what deals I can get for parts. And that’s with already owning the new axles and having One geared with a locker. I’ve held off for a really long time but I’ve gone through two sets of gears this summer, two carriers, rear shafts, front chromoly shafts and countless control arm bracket repairs. The jeep is built as well as some people will ever need it to be but I like to wheel the most extreme stuff and my jeep may be able to make it through most everything but when you put it through a competition or throw a full day of tough wheeling at it, it’s just not built to take the abuse I like to throw at it. So two options, don’t wheel hard or build it strong as fuk.