Hello, Everyone!

  • Hi All,

    Happy to be a part of the group! Just bought my JT in January, and have already experienced the Just Empty Every Pocket effect. Hope to be able to meet some of you soon at an outing :thumbup:

    JC :thumbup:
    Middletown, DE

    2020 JT Sport S
    Stubby Antenna
    Rugged Ridge Tonneau Cover
    Hotheads Headliner
    Oracle Oculus LED Headlights
    Diode Dynamics LED Foglights, Switchback LEDs, and Clear Corner Lenses
    Rhino Lining
    Five Bananas Grab Bar Tray
    Custom Gunmetal Painted Grille
    JL Rubicon Wheels and Tires
    Quadratec 1.75" Wheel Spacers

  • Hi! Congratulations on your new adventure!

    Once things level out a bit I'm sure there will be a get together celebration of sorts

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    Member since 2000

    Jeeps Owned'79 CJ5:


    - 258 I6

    - '93 Cherokee fuel injection and HO head,

    - bored 30 over

    - with 4x4 cam

    T18 tranny with granny low / Dana 18 t-case

    Dana 44 front and back from late '70s Wagoneer, both locked and loaded with 4.88 gears

    SOA on modified YJ springs with shackle reversa

    Fiberglass tub with 6 point cage mounted to the frame

    2015 Grand Cherokee Limited

    Quadratec Floor mats

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