Solomi solo trip out west

  • Hey guys, wanted to share an off roading trip out west that I just finished. I left the buggy at home and drove the pickup truck over 4.5k miles out there, camped in the Utah desert in Canyonlands National Park, then I stopped in Colorado and rented a lifted Jeep in order to complete the Alpine Loop.


    The first trail was 'white rim' which is about 100 miles and it takes you all throughout the canyon, driving through the vast desert, along the canyon rim, up and over and down several hills. I entered from the west end which meant I drove up hard scrabble hill which is typically the toughest obstacle but the past week rain had washed it out and dropped some big boulders so the visitors center was turning people away saying it was impassable. I really had no business going on it with a stock long wheelbase but I made it through. There were several legitimate hills all of which always pinned you to the edge of the cliff overlooking the canyon. Sleeping in the desert was a little spooky. I did it in 3 days and two nights and needed all of the daylight to put miles down. Very fun and gorgeous trail. Highly recommend.

    White Rim photos:


    I also rented a lifted Jeep on 35" KM3s and went up the Colorado passes near Ouray and Silverton and got up to 12,800 feet tall. I had been in the area in 2019 and always wanted to do Engineers pass and Cinnamon pass so I got my chance to complete them. With the jeep, I was able to move pretty fast and it didn't take a full day.

    Alpine Loop photos:

  • Sounds like a fantastic trip.. Hate to see your fuel bill.

    haha. fuel is cheaper in the midwest. regular was $3.15/$3.20 and I paid $3.50 a couple times. Where I live it is $4.50. I put 87 in the truck even at elevation where 87 was the middle grade (per manual recommendations). The fuel price increases did add maybe $200-$300 to the trip but it was worth it. Plus, I chose cheapest campgrounds and KOAs mostly during travel so I slept in a tent or only in my sleeping bag for the 9 days which helped keep the costs down.

    My trip meter said I used 304 gallons. I know I got 5-6mpg while in the desert. But the truck did okay getting 15+ on the highway.

    I think between fuel and campgrounds I spent < $1,500. Add to that the $30 park entrance fee and where driving on public land is free, it wasn't terrible. I would have spent a little more if I flew and rented a /stupid car.

  • Looks like a fantastic trip! I was last out there about a year ago and really miss it. Engineer and Yankee boy were my favorite but all are beautiful. You got awesome pics! Thanks for posting this and congrats of a great trip, G

  • Sure is pretty up there. Great trip. Thanks for sharing

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