Need an engine "ring job"?.

    • Need an engine "ring job"?.

      I want to get re-involved in DEJA and with my Jeep. But, I need to find a reliable person or shop to do an engine, I believe it is called, ring job. Why?? Oil is literally blowing out of the engine. PVC is fine and actually, temporarily removed - still blowing oil. According to the oil is not over filled. I do not know where else to or what else to do.

      thanks for any help that can be provided.
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    • Need an engine "ring job"?.

      You could just swap it with a 4.0l. mine came from a 93xj ,ODB1 and has been flawless. Can't beat fuel injection. 91-95 xj is a perfect donor. And when you are done you part it out and recoup most or all of the cost.

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    • Not sure how you determined the PCV is fine or how it's been removed, but it plays an important role in keeping oil in the engine and in sealing the rings.
      It basically keeps pressure from building in the crankcase and at times creates vacuum in there.
      I have a ball valve on my PCV hose between the manifold and the valve to adjust the flow, and I can tell you that if it is closed too far the engine leaks all over.
      A compression test and a leakdown test should be done to see if it's actually the rings.

      The last 2 motors i put in came from here. They built a real nice 4.0l for bob angle. Also did a stock rebuild on a 4.2 for a guy in southern de club. They were good to work with and did it in a week. The 4.2 was around 2k and came back fully dressed. Bobs was more but he did a cam and injectors. Dont really recommend doing any upgrades to the 4.2 its just jot a good platform for performance.
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